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Apple Energy Group recognizes the unique requirements of performing Multi-Family audits.  Having performed Multi-Family audits and trained Multi-Family auditors in numerous climate zones, AEG has the expertise and experience to evaluate the building performance of individual Multi-Family units and Multi-Family complexes alike.  Our auditors understand the ways in which a wide variety of both centralized and decentralized systems interact to affect the energy flow of multi-unit buildings.  As a result, AEG delivers a thorough energy analysis that enables residents and complex owners to identify ways to stretch their energy dollars further through strategic investment.

What kinds of tests are run during an Multi-Family Energy Audit?

  • Blower Door Test measures air tightness to identify leaks and evaluate the airflow within the home
  • Duct testing to find leakage within the HVAC system
  • Combustion Testing of gas appliances to ensure they are running safely and efficiently
  • Property owner, maintenance, and resident interviews to assess usage and reoccurring issues within the home
  • Unit/Complex walk through to evaluate any potential problems
  • Insulation assessment
  • Lighting and appliance assessment
  • Health and Safety Inspection
  • Infrared camera test to see possible areas in need


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"Apple Energy Group is our trusted partner and sole training provider for the
Weatherization Training Academy for the State of Texas.  Apple Energy Group has
clearly taken the lead role in providing high quality training content and instruction to the
Texas Weatherization Training Academy.  The result of their efforts has been
instrumental in our ability to provide the Texas Weatherization Training Academy with a
successful training solution that is progressive, flexible, and well organized."

Don Atwell

Program Manager, ACS State and Local Solutions

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