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We not only communicate the principles of building science – we also build performance

by equipping individuals and businesses to achieve their highest potential.  Whether through our engaging training, insightful technical assistance, or hands-on energy auditing, we are dedicated to delivering professional services that produce sustainable results.

Our trainers and consultants possess decades of field and classroom experience and represent the face of the building performance industry.  Each of them knows what it takes to run a successful business, and can effectively communicate how to apply classroom knowledge into practical results.  In addition, AEG’s Operations team complements our building science expertise by providing customized solutions to accelerate the performance of your business.

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Greg Hall

President & CEO




Featured Organization

American Indian College FundThe American Indian College Fund transforms Indian higher education by funding and creating awareness of the unique, community-based accredited Tribal Colleges and Universities, offering students access to knowledge, skills, and cultural values which enhance their communities and the country as a whole.

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Service Beyond Building Performance

At Apple Energy Group, we believe that the essence of good business is serving others.  Though building performance is our primary professional outlet for service, we also realize that some forms of service naturally go without compensation.  Our commitment to service in all of its forms drives us to invest in the hope and the future of others by supporting organizations that advance social, economic, and educational empowerment among underserved populations.

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